Our Services

  • After school learning labs in STEM
  • Summer camp
  • Break camps (Fall, Winter, Spring)
  • Family STEM nights
  • Mobile STEM classes to schools

Our programs are proven and structured for all levels of development.


  • Problem solving & critical thinking
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Perseverance
  • Team building
  • Scientific literacy (knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts and processes
  • Lab familiarity
  • Exposure to career opportunities

Our mission
is to

(1) to create academically knowledgeable parents that can advocate for their children’s educational welfare;

(2) educate parents on how to increase cognitive and developmental growth through skill builders and activities;

(3) enhance children’s interest in STEA2M learning and careers; and

(4) Create interactive hands-on opportunities for students to explore STEM through real-world situations. 

“I thought the program was excellent for my children who are different ages. The experiments and learning that took place over the week was great and to see it all come together through presentation was awesome! This program is top of my list for next summer.”

              – T. McRay (Kilgour Elementary Parent)


Our Philosophy

Kids that love learning come from involved parents! At our core, Docere4Parents believes that all learning begins at home. We provide opportunities for parents to have fun with their children while learning to build on the natural curiosity and reasoning skills children already possess.

Our STEA2M programs are heavily focused on laying strong academic foundations in scientific investigations and exploring the domains in math, engineering, agriculture, and technology. Lessons rely on students developing their deductive reasoning and problem solving skills to examine real-world challenges. 

We believe the goal of science is to understand the natural world through a process known as scientific inquiry. Scientific knowledge helps us explain the world around us, such as why water evaporates and plants grow in particular locations, what causes disease, and how electricity works. Scientific knowledge can help us predict what might happen. It can also help solve problems such as unclean water or the spread of diseases. Science can guide technological development to serve our needs and interests, like high-speed travel and talking on the phone.

Our STEM or STEA2M camps, workshops, and events rely on science practices to guide student thinking in how they use knowledge, information, and processes to study things and seek solutions. Overall, studying these fields will help children understand how the world works.  

STEM Partners:

​- Rockdale Academy

- Powell Crosley YMCA

​- Orion Academy

- University of Cincinnati

​- Central State University

- Hamilton County Water & Soil Conservation

​- 4 - H

​- Girl Scouts of Southwest Ohio


Docere STEAM brings the most relevant science, technology, engineering, and math experiential learning through agriculture. We are experts at developing problem solving and critical thinking skills that gets students engaged with fun, hands-on, and challenging STEAM education that tackles real-world problems.