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Docere4Parents Inc.
11609 Hanover Rd.
Cincinnati OH 45240 

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These materials are always needed and go a long way in our workshops! ​If you have any items to donate please complete the form to the right (indicate your items in the message box) and we will pick up your items.

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Reading Items

- Books (preschool - sixth grade)

- Pencils

- Handwriting paper for PK - 2nd grade

- Crayons

STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) Items

- Thermometers

- Cardboard tubes (paper towels, toilet paper, etc)

- Batteries

- Magnets (all sizes)

- Stereo wire

- Rubber bands

- Popsicle sticks

- Colored paper

- Light bulbs

- Plastic bottles

- Tin cans

- Hydrogen Peroxide

- Rubbing Alcohol

- Food coloring

- Wire coat hangers

- String

- Rope/string

- Paperclips

- Tupperware containers

- Balloons

- 12 Volt Batteries

Donate Today! Your donation is tax deductible and goes a long way in providing materials and resources to parents. These dollars also aid in helping reduce registration costs for financially disadvantaged families.