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We believe learning is fun and begins at home! Our family centered interactive courses give parents all the tools to help them jumpstart their child’s love of reading in simplified easy to follow sessions presented by experienced and trained professionals. Workshops and courses focus on key areas of childhood and academic development. 

Our experienced professionals coach the latest strategies for effective reading instruction. Providing sound techniques in phonics or alphabetics, fluency, and reading comprehension helps lay the foundation for children achieving the third grade guarantee. 

Each Parent Party Workshop Offers:

• Interactive coaching in major content areas 

  • FUN activities and materials to do with your child

• Professional instruction

• Academic lesson packets

• Advocacy instruction

• Opportunities to connect with other parents

• Encouraging environment

  • Academic Enhancement Workshops Incorporate Bracken Readiness Standards (based on level)
  • Common Core Curriculum - all levels

Class Titles:

How to Choose a Preschool – 1 hour

Breaking the Phonics Code – designed for parents of children 4 – 7 years (based on ability) 2 hours

Early Reading and Writing Skills (preschool – first grade) 2.5 hours

Building Strong Math Brains - (preschool – first grade) 2 hours

Parent-Teacher Relationship Building   (preschool – sixth grade) 1 hour

Creating Fruitful Learning Environments at Home (preschool – third) 2 hours

Kindergarten Transitions – 1 hour

Homework Time! (1st grade – 3rd grade) – 2 hours

Language Development (ages 2 – 5) – 3 hours, completed in three 1 hour sessions

Math Fundamentals (2nd grade – 4th grade) – 4 hours, completed in two 2hr sessions

Setting Limits with Technology – 1 hour        

How to be your child's Educational Hero! Parents of 3-5 yr olds

Building Math Brains in Early Learning!   Parents of 3 -6 year olds

Breaking the Phonics Code!  Parents of kindergartners

Foundation Classes

Tiny Tot Thought​   (parents of 3yr olds)

Can you tell the time has come to get on the reading train but don’t know where to begin? Then this class was made for you! Interactive activities thrive in this class designed to create fundamental interest in reading by creating a home environment rich in encouragement for the early learner. Studies have proven that the single most important factor in a child’s reading success begins with the parent-child relationship. Learn which books will provide the best foundation for understanding and language skills, rhyming, how to introduce letter and sound recognition, and much more! This course will leave you armed with multiple strategies to help reinforce positive educational outcomes at home.

Ready, Set, Read!  (parents of 4yr olds) One of our longest classes - 3 hours, meets for two 1.5 hour sessions

Phonetic skills (sounds letters make) and grammatical awareness become automatic skills in this 4-year-old inspired course. Now is the time when your youngster is ready to read and our instructor will show you how to take the reins! Parents and caregivers of these inquisitive learners will learn how to spot their child’s areas for improvement, correct them by creating new exercises through fun activities. You will be able to ignite understanding in your new reader focusing on letter blends, retelling, comprehension, and much more. This time can be the most frustrating when it comes to the “rules” of reading, but we have streamlined the newest and most successful strategies that make it easy to repeat and most importantly fun!  

* These workshops are not consecutive. 

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